Our Kindergarten Program

Preschool / Kindergarten Program of Study – General Overview

As educational program should encourage the development of each individual and should promote intellectual curiosity, independence, objectivity and creativity. At Summit Academy, the instructional program ensures that each student will experience excitement of a challenge, the satisfaction of accomplishment and the development of a strong and confident self-image. This is accomplished by employing innovative teaching strategies, cooperative learning and providing individualized attention to the student.

The emphasis of the program is the development of the whole child. Keeping in place the current educational trends, Summit Academy seeks to develop the intellectual, social and emotional aspects of each student. Emphasis on self-esteem and confidence is fostered and reinforced throughout the year. The students of Summit Academy are exposed to a wide variety of curriculum resources representing the highest quality and standards available. A strong academic program designed to engage and challenge is the foundation of Summit Academy’s educational philosophy. The focus on achieving grade level, world class standards in the critical core subjects of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Mathematics rates high on the list of our school objectives. Ongoing standardized testing assesses achievement level and specifically identifies areas strengths and weaknesses.

In kindergarten, the major goal is to help the child become comfortable in school. The students will learn to get along with others, follow rules, and some of the basic skills needed to read, write, and do math. The curriculum benchmarks are outlined below:

Social/ Emotional Skills

  • Understand how people in communities work together.

  • Develop self-esteem

  • Develop good values

  • Use good manners

  • Develop good people skills

  • Communicate effectively with others

  • Build and maintain friendship

  • Work cooperatively in group

  • Manage and resolve conflict

  • Make good choices in challenging situations

  • Avoid anti-social behavior


Language Arts

  • Recognize and form uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.

  • Match sounds to each alphabet letter.

  • Recognize and use rhyming words.

  • Begin reading words by using initial consonant sounds and such sound patterns as -an and -at (fan, man, can) and (sat, rat, pat).

  • Recognize a few frequently used sight words such as: the, and, is.

  • Capitalize the first and last name of a person and the word “I”.



  • Count, recognize, and write the numbers up to 100

  • Identify, draw, cut, and name basic and 2D shapes

  • Classify and group objects according to such characteristics as shape, color, size, texture, and so on.

  • Counting and Cardinality

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking

  • Number and Operations in Base Ten

  • Measurement and Data

  • Geometry


Social Studies

  • Develop good values and self-esteem

  • Understand self, individuals and relationships

  • Understand symbols and their meaning

  • Understand how people in communities work together

  • Recognize locations and familiar places

  • Understand relative time of event


Science Discovery

  • Use their five senses to make simple scientific observations.

  • Understanding the needs of living things

  • Describe properties of common objects

  • Compare and sort common objects by one physical attributes (e.g., color, shape, texture, size, weight)

  • Communicate observations orally and through drawing


   2021 - 2022

(As of June 16, 2021)

Fall Term 2021


Winter Term 2021 / 2022

Sunday, August 15th                                                                 1st Term & Bus Fees Due
Sunday, August 16th                                                                 Teacher’s & Staff Reporting
Monday, August 23rd                                                               New Parent Orientation Meeting
Tuesday, August 29th                                                              1st Day of School
Sunday, September 26th –30th                                      Beginning of School Year Test
Thursday, September 30th                                                *PACT Meeting (for review)
Thursday, October 7th                                                           Interim Reports Go Home
Sunday, October 17th –21th                                                Fall/Autumn Breaks
Sunday, October 23rd                                                             Return to School
Thursday, November 11th                                                    Mother-Teacher Tea (for review)



Sunday, November 28th                                                  2nd Term & Bus Fees Due
Thursday, December 9th                                                *PACT Meeting (For Review)
Thursday, December 16th                                               1st Term Progress Reports Go Home
Saturday, December 18th                                               Qatar National Day
Sunday, December 19th                                                    Winter Break Starts
Sunday, January 2nd                                                          Return to School
Monday, January 10th                                                        Parent-Teacher Conference (For Review)
Sun. to Tue., January 16th – 18th                                 Midyear Test
Thursday, January 27th                                                    Interim Reports Go Home
Wed. to Thur., January 26th – 27th                           Winter Concert (For Review)
Sun. to Thurs., February 6th -10th                             Sports Week (For Review)
Tuesday, February 8th                                                       Sports Day
Tuesday, March 1st                                                                3rd Term Fees & Bus Fees Due

Spring Term 2022

Sunday, March 13th – Thursday, March 17th           Spring Breaks
Sunday, March 20th                                                                     Return to School
Thursday, March 31st                                                                  2nd Term Progress Reports Go Home
Monday, April 4th                                                                           Parent-Teacher Conference (For Review)
Thursday, April 21st                                                                      *PACT Meeting (For Review)
Thursday, April 28th                                                                    Interim Reports Go Home
Sunday, May 1st –Thursday, May 5th                           Eid Breaks
Sunday, May 8th                                                                             Return to School
Sun. to Thur., June 5th – 9th                                                  Year End Test
Monday, June 12th                                                                        Last Day of School
Thursday, June 30th                                                                   3rd Term Progress Reports Go Home

Activities and events and test schedules may be subjected to changes. Kindly refer to monthly calendars or details.

*PACT (Parent Action Committee Team)